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We all have a “favorite tee shirt” whether it features our favorite band, sports team or some witty saying that reflects the pop culture of the decade we got it in.

I was at a Jackson Browne concert not long ago, he is a musician from the seventies and there among all the old fans was the one guy who was wearing the tee shirt he bought the very first time he saw Jackson Browne in concert. He’s wearing it even though it’s 35 years old, not because it looks so good on him, but because he’s proud that he still has it!

We all have them, the tee shirt that we won’t get rid of no matter how old or worn it is. We keep them out of nostalgia or because they are so comfortable to sleep in, holes and all, or we keep them just because we got them for free.

Remember smiley face tee shirts? Or the ridiculous ones that had a finger pointing toward whomever would be walking next to you that said “I’m with Stupid”? Then there are the countless sneaker companies with their logo on a tee shirt, a swoosh or a star indicating their shoe brand. No need even for a printed word.

Custom Tee shirts are a way to make a statement about who we are and what we value. A simple phrase or symbol on a tee shirt can speak volumes about a person. Consider these common things found on tee shirts, a peace sign, the flag from one’s native country, or what about 9-11 ?

Tee shirts are a part of our Inline image 1culture that never goes out of style and these days even a humble tee shirt can be stylish. The possibilities are endless when using tee shirts to market your business. They come in all sizes, colors and styles. Anything can be be printed on a tee shirt, your company logo, a photograph or just your company’s name printed in big bright letters across the front or back….or both. What better way to get your company name out there for all the world to see but on a tee shirt that people will wear everywhere and anywhere for decades to come?

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